Optional Dress Plate
About Us

We are the inventors and manufacturers of the Johnson Ruffling Machine. The Johnson Ruffling Machine is used to sew ruffles for curtains, dresses, country crafts, etc. It can be adjusted for ruffling a variety of materials including woven materials and tulle. The fullness and look of the ruffles can be changed by adjusting the fullness knob and the stitch length lever.

We operate out of our sewing machine repair shop in Raleigh, NC which has done business as Archie Johnson and Sons for over 60 years. Archie Johnson was the founder of the business. He lived from 1882 til 1973. His son, Sam Johnson, Sr is the inventor of the Johnson Ruffling Machine which was first manufactured about 1985. .His children Sam Johnson, Jr and Mary Johnson Brown and grandson Justin Brown are assisting him in operating the repair business and manufacturing the Johnson Ruffling Machine.

Our repair shop is open Monday thru Thursday 9am til 5pm and Saturday 10am til 2pm.